Welcome to the Storyna Memory Writing Workshop on Zoom!

Let us take your members, residents or friends on a journey back through their life, preserve their story,  laugh and reminisce together – all while staying socially distanced.

 After losing our grandmother’s life story, we set out on a mission to help people of all ages and writing skills to capture their memories. Together we will lead this fun, live Zoom Workshop.

We hope you will join us!

Linda & Anika

How does the Memory Writing Workshop Work?

Every week we will meet via zoom, discuss our weekly writing assignment, review questions and share stories. At the end, participants will receive a beautiful life story PDF and Word document to share with their families. If they choose, they can purchase a hard-bound book at the end of the workshop for $39.

What is included?

  • 6 live Zoom sessions designed to help participants capture their memories. You can choose between our ‘Life Story’ or ‘Magic Moments’ programs.
  • Workbook to follow along and write in between sessions
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Option to buy a printed book ($39/book)

How do members participate?

We will schedule a time that works best for your group, community or organization and send out a Zoom link you can share with participants. We will also e-mail out workbooks prior to the first session. All you have to do is share workbooks and help participants log on to the Zoom at the scheduled time.

How much does it cost?

$329 per workshop (up to 20 participants, everything included)

At a group of 20 = $16.45 per participants

At a group of 10 = $32.90 per participant

At a group of 5 = $65.80 per participant


Why Storyna?

The Storyna writing process was developed based on a methodology used by sociologists to uncover memories and life stories for research purposes, combined with our own experience working with dozens of writers. By breaking down the process into manageable assignments, leveraging proven methods and providing lots of encouragement and support, we are able to help participants write no matter their skills and experience.

Watch a live session we recently hosted with Celebration Magazine on Memory Writing.

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