Surprise Your Husband, Dad, Daughter, Friend… with a Few Special Memories

The day your dad should have gotten you in trouble but didn’t. Your first kiss. Bringing your baby home… What gift could be more touching?

Hello and welcome to Magic Moments,

As cousins, we grew up together and spent many summers at our grandmother’s house. The loss of her life story inspired us to create Storyna.

Today, we are busy moms and entrepreneurs and capturing our own memories isn’t always easy. That’s why we dreamed up Magic Moments – a place where we can be reminded of the beauty of everyday life and capture those small, magical moments – simply and fast.

We hope you will fall in love with the Magic Moments series as much as we did.

Much Love,

Anika & Linda

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A Few Special Moments in a Book

Want to surprise your loved one with a unique gift he will treasure forever? Write down just a few Magic Moments you shared, and we will send them to you in a beautiful book. Plus, download a PDF immediately for a last-minute gift!

  • Writing down a moment takes as little as 5 minutes!
  • Not sure you have enough moments? Our prompts and ideas will find them in no time!
  • Upload photos if you have them (but you don’t have to)

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How Does ‘Magic Moments’ Work?

Access our free book creator and watch the video to get the ideas flowing.

Follow the prompts to capture 5-12 special moments with your spouse, friend, parent…

Approve your book draft and receive it in the mail. Plus, download a PDF as an instant gift.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

However long you’d like! You can work on your book right now in as little as 10 Minutes inside your free account, or capture 1-2 moments each month.

What will be in the book?

The book will typically consist of 5-12 magic moments. Your writing can be complemented with up to 4 photos per moment, though photos are not needed. If you would like to add more or less moments to your book, you can do that as well inside your account.

Can I add photos?

Yes! You are able to add up to 4 photos per magic moment to your book. Your photos can be uploaded inside your account with each moment.

What do the books look like and how much are they?

Magic Moment books are hard-covered and include up to 50 full-colored pages. You can choose to include a photo on the cover if you would like. Start your book to see the layout.

What if I want to make changes to the book layout?

To make the Magic Moment experience simple for you, we will provide a book draft to you automatically after you collected 12 special moments. You can either approve the draft for print or email us at with custom changes.

Can I capture memories with someone I lost?

Of course! We know many people who recently lost a loved one are looking for ways to preserve all those memories. Either start your 5-12 memory book now or visit to learn more about our custom program.

After my father passed away, my family was looking for a way to combine all the little stories friends and family members shared. Magic Moments was the prefect place!”

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