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  • 12-month subscription to the Storyna Platform (with PDF download)
  • 12-month subscription to ‘Magic Moments’ Platform
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  • Unlimited phone and email support

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When I first started writing, I did it for my daughter. But the more time I spent with Storyna, the more I fell in love with the process. I take notes during the week when old memories come back, talk to family members about their memories and sit down to write a few times each week now. I think I want to keep going for a while and see what all I will remember and realize in the process.”

How Does the Storyna Platform Work?

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The Storyna Platform was designed to make writing down your memories easy. The video-based platform guides you through eight simple steps. Each step welcomes you with an encouraging video, an easy-to-follow assignment, writing samples, ‘Got stuck?’-questions and resource articles. Steps can be completed weekly to finish your story in as little as 8 weeks, or spaced out to take however long you’d like.

How we Make Writing Easy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

As little as 8 weeks or however long you would like! In order to complete your story in 8 weeks, we recommend to allow for 2-4 hours of reflecting and writing time each week. If you’d prefer to enjoy the process and take your time, no problem! Your monthly subscription option lets you keep writing for as long as you’d like.

What questions will the Storyna platform ask?

The Storyna Platform was developed on a research method that allows you to travel back in time. Your assignments will include broad questions chronologically along your journey.

So while we do offer more specific support questions should you get stuck, your assignment questions will be very open so you can determine what you want to include – what was relevant in your life.

Want to include dates and locations? Great! Want to focus on individual memories or funny anecdotes instead? Wonderful! Your story is yours – and only you should decide how you want to share it.

Check out the preview of the Storyna Platform here.

Can I add photos?

Yes! You are able to add as many photos as you’d like to your hard-bound book though they will not appear in the free PDF download. Your photos can be uploaded into the Storyna platform during each writing week.

What do the books look like and how can I order extras?

Books can be ordered at any time during your journey! Our books are hard-covered, 6×9 and include up to 200 colored pages. You can choose to include a photo on the cover if you would like. While the Storyna Platform allows you to download your story as a PDF or Word document, users can always add a printed book for only $39.

We currently offer 2 designs:

No photo (grey or green):

Storyna Life Story Cover 

With photo (grey or green):

Do I have to be a good writer?

No, you don’t have to be a great writer! Storyna was designed to allow every person no matter their age, experience, writing skills or budget capture their memories. We will guide you to create a treasure for your loved ones, not the next bestseller.

If you would like help editing, proofing and coaching along the way, we offer add-on service for all of it so you can be proud to share your story even if writing is not typically your ‘thing’.

What if I have trouble with the technology?

What if I have trouble with the technology?

We know working online can be challenging sometimes. That’s why are are here to help every step of the way.

  • We will ensure you understand the platform during our welcome call
  • Unlimited email support lets you get answers to any questions quickly
  • If working online is concerning to you we encourage you to use the prompts in our platform and answer them on you own computer in a Word document. We can later work with you to get it printed.
Can I get help with proofing or editing?

Yes! We offer add-on services for proofing, editing and custom design. These will be estimated individually based on the length of your book and special wishes. Reach out to us at to get more information.

Can I gift this to a loved one?

Absolutely! You can identify a gift recipient during the checkout process or purchase a gift card for our premium bundle here:

Premium Bundle Gift Card

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