Preserve your family’s stories with the “Tell me about your Life” project.

Remember the recipe grandma taught you? Or the jokes your dad used to tell?


Nourish family bonds with a fun-filled afternoon you will cherish forever…

Now kids from 9 to 99 can become investigators and help preserve some of your loved one’s famous stories and precious memories.

How it Works

(In Person or via FaceTime!)

  1. What Questions do You Want to Ask? After opening their box, kids (from 9-99) are inspired by a number of questions to ask, ranging from funny, to interesting to lesson-packed.
  2. Ask Away! Work together as a family to create a keepsake booklet or video to preserve the stories and memories shared. This can of course be done in-person or virtually via Facetime and answers can be recorded in writing or on video. The class pass included explains how to set up a successful video interview, how to use the included keepsake booklet pages and more.
  3. Action Cards add hands-on fun to the afternoon. Grandmas Story Box is filled with little surprises to bring our action cards to life! From filling their keepsake box with special treasures, decorating it together, to baking old family recipes, family members can chose from a variety of activities to work on right away or during grandma’s next visit!

We’re here to help!
The video class pass included in your box gives access to an array of online lessons to watch together.

Sample Questions

“What was school like when you were little?”

What was mom’s favorite meal? Let’s make it!”

“Did you ever get in trouble?”

“What were your parents like?”

“What’s your favorite childhood memory?”

“Why did you marry grandpa?”

“Let’s take a photo of us!”

“Do you have a favorite treasure? Can I see it?”

What’s Included

Join us on our startup journey and order one of our very first 100 boxes, assembled one by one right here in Texas.

Keepsake Box

“Secret Message” Bottle

Action Cards

Keepsake Book Templates

Questions Booklet

Fun for all Generations

Video Tutorials

The Best Time Capsule

Digital Kit

  • Life Story Questions PDF to print
  • Memory Book Templates PDF to print
  • Family Recipes Templates PDF to print

All Just $7

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Physical Box

  • ‘Family Mission’ Instructions
  • Life Story Questions Booklet (with read-aloud)
  • Memory Book Templates to fill out together
  • Family Recipe Templates
  • Action Cards to have Extra Fun Together
  • Library of Video Tutorials
  • Questions & Memory Book Downloads
  • PLUS Keepsake Box
  • PLUS ‘Secret Message’ Bottle
  • PLUS Seed Pencil
  • PLUS Some Special Surprises!
  • No printing required!

All Just $39
One time only. No hidden subscription!

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    Our Mission:

    Preserve the ‘one-of-a-kind stories’ only our parents can tell while fostering the social-emotional health of our children.

    Hi – my name is Linda…

    I’m a wife, a busy mom of two crazy, energetic, amazing kids, a daughter and granddaughter and I am on a mission to help people – real people – preserve their stories for those they love. 

    If you have loved listening to your parents and grandparents stories like I have, you may have thought about passing them on to your kids. Yet convincing a loved one to write down their life can been tricky. Often we give up or delay until it is too late…

    After a LOT of trial and error, I realized that it is our children who can bridge the gap and help our parents preserve their memories! Working on a Life Story Project together not only preserves some of those special memories, but it also offers a deeply meaningful, connecting activity both generations enjoy. Don’t delay this important project. Join us & get started today!

    Watch my Interview with WFAA:

    Set up some special grandparent time for your kids…

    I’m super excited. My daughter will be doing this Friday evening with her Nana. 😍

    Ainsley had so much for with her Grandmas Story Box! She thought the questions options were great and loved picking a few to ask her Nana. They picked out several of her favorite recipes to make together next visit, too. This is such a wonderful idea to learn more about grandparents and make new memories together!

    Granddaughter Lexi and I spent some time this afternoon talking about my parents, her great-grandparents, both of whom passed away before her arrival on this planet. What a wonderful afternoon. 

    #LexiKnowsThingsHerMomDoesnt #GenerationsShouldConnect 

    We would be honored to join you on your journey of capturing your family’s stories.

    Email us at with any questions!